About Us


We believe in preparedness, saving lives, providing quality equipment and maintaining our integrity as we help others be more prepared.

Me (Michael) & my wife (Mai) have been working across the globe in a number of remote and often hostile locations... We utilize our experiences to hand pick the very best survival equipment to provide turnkey disaster preparedness solutions for organizations and individuals around the world. We are preparedness enthusiastic! We fell in love with preparedness shortly after we met while on a vacation in Thailand. We thought to ourselves what if got forbid a disaster strikes like in 2001, and realized that getting ready is the answer and the difference between life and death in such unexpected situations.

Ever since that talk we started getting as prepared as possible and through that time friends and family around us started getting more and more interested, asking question and guidance so step by step we started our business with ton of motivation to help others and tons of experience. We understand the need to trust your survival equipment so we only provide the very best of the best! 

All our kits are assembled in and shipped from the United States. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide organizations and individuals with a turnkey solution to any crisis that might happen knowing that with our products everyone can be better prepared and get better control on the situation that has been forced on them, saving themselves and their loved ones.

Hand picking & working only with the best U.S suppliers to make sure that on due time our customers will get top of the line quality products to better handle any unexpected situation. All of our kits are hand packed securely and each item is hand assembled in the USA and neatly organized for easy access.

We have a variety of products from the best & most trusted brands online for any crisis situation: Preparedness, Emergency, Survival, Safety and more...

We offer solutions to any preparedness and self – defense situation with our life protecting products and give the opportunity for our customer to get 1 step ahead on any disaster.

We always keep track and looking for new life saving products that can keep you safe!

We offer dependable, innovative, trusted, quality products with affordable prices.


Our Values

We do our utmost to provide the very best solution to our customer because we know that lives are at stake. Whether it is your employees, yourself or your loved ones who may need our equipment one day you can rest assured we have provided you with the very best.

We aim to give best service possible to our customers and you can reach out at any time 24/7 VIA the "contact us" page or by the phone listed on our website and we will do the max to resolve any issue and answer any question.

Everyone here at SurvivalGizmo has strong family values and it reflects in how we operate our business.